• • KHA model is adjustable type so you could control the damping force according to
      impact velocity with rotating the adjustment dial 0” to 180” to right and left.
    • Threaded body of KHA provide mounting flexibility, location accuracy and
      increased surface area for improved thermal energy dissipation to the atmosphere.
    • Material of Piston Rod is hardened stainless steel and the bearing protect the
      seal and is made of special material that remains durable for
      a long time to ensure a long lifespan.
    • On using Bumper head, you do not need to use Stop collar and
      if you use Poly pad or Urethane Cap, it makes reduce the noise.
    • Range of impact velocity
    - Standard : 0.3 ~ 5.0 m/sec
    - Low Velocity Model : 0.08~1.3 m/sec
    • Range of Temperature
    - Standard : -10 ~ 80 ℃
    - option : -40~ 120 ℃ (Special oil and seal)
    • Application : Industrial Robot, Packing machine, Looming machine,
     Machine tools, Automobile manufacturing facilities, Tire manufacturing facilities,
     Casing facilities, Crane, safety device, etc.

▶ KHA 115 Series

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