• • KHC enables precise speed and location control for
      the moving loads with various strokes.

    • KHC is easy to install and control and enables precise control of moving speed
      with wide range adjustment dial (300°) to elongate the lifespan of machine and tools.
      It is used for precise operation such as auto feed drilling , grinding and cutting.

    • Piston Rod of KHC is plated with hard Cr. And the body is
      plated to prevent damage during operations.

    • Accessories is easily fixed to KHC with Snap Ring and Mounting Block .
      It is also easy to be relocated.

    • The oil in KHC is automatically filtered and operation speed is always controlled
      consistent for convenient operation under any conditions..

    • Application : Where speed control is requied. Drilling machine,
      Cutting machine, Safety Device, Boring machine, etc
    • Temperature : Standard (-10∼80℃) Special (-40∼120℃)

▶ KHC 24 Series

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Its speed control function is the same as Hydro Check’s and it has a pause function in any location needed.
It is used in a Long drilling work, a work that demands sophistication, a work that need Chip exhaust is necessary in the middle of work and such.
The production for customer order items is also possible.

  • Engineering Data
  • Description
  • CAD Download