• KHG Series
  • KHG Series has compact size and is large capacity product that satisfy higher energy absorption with Hydraulic pressure and nitrogen gas to work together for collision of heavy moving load.

  • KHS Series
  • KHS series is self-adjustable and mid -sized units designed for heavy industries.
    It is specially designed with multiple orifices to stop the moving loads smoothly and
    The rod will be returned by coil spring.

  • KCSC Series
  • KCSC series is used usually in stacker crane of Automatic distributing system.
    KCSC has wide range of capacity and stroke (Stroke 1500mm, Capacity 930 kJ).
    It is possible to design and manufacture for special purpose as customer’s request. KOBA hydraulic buffer is met the Global industrial safety standards like OSHA, AISE, CMMA, DIN, and FEM.